About Us / Why Nationwide Listings

• Nationwide Listings markets and advertises property on an international level.
• Nationwide Listings interacts with buyers and sellers.
• Nationwide Listings markets properties more aggressively then any other company.
• Nationwide Listings contends that customer satisfaction is the key to continual success.
• Nationwide Listings motivation to be the best marketing and advertising agency makes Nationwide Listings the only solution when buying, or selling, your property.

No Commission
Commission based companies do not work for the best interest of property owners. For instance a real estate broker would be more focused on the 7% commission of a $250,000.00 home opposed to a $30,000.00 piece of property. For these reasons Nationwide Listings is not commission based, we value our clients equally.
No Appraisals
Of course the buyer does not want to overpay for property, and the current owner does not want to be undersold. Differences in the price usually range from one property to the next depending upon location, amenities, and the property size.
No Hidden Costs
When selling property with commissions and appraisals ruled out, the only out of pocket expense is the initial one time marketing and advertising cost (Portfolio fee).
Marketing and Advertising Exposure
Exposure is the name of the game. When selling your property you need as much exposure as possible.Nationwide Listingsis a company that utilizes multiple forms of marketing and advertising.
The Internet
In this day and age, the internet is a great tool for communication. In our economy, billions of dollars in transactions are taking place over the World Wide Web. This is why Nationwide Listings' web presence is at the highest level. We provide our clients with individual ads including a full page, in depth lengthy descriptions with full color photos and any other specific information to help present your property in the most professional and appealing way.

Your all in one Property Marketplace!
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